Burial Service 

Waste no time in honoring your loved one with a meaningful farewell. The funeral home's surroundings really set it apart, offering a peaceful and dignified atmosphere.

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Cremation Service 

For clients who want to keep their loved ones close to themselves we also provide cremation services. With no noise from the outside world, the funeral home offers real comfort.

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​​Medical Services and Wellness 

Medical services provides you with various medical assistance such as teledoctor, emergency medical response, medical assist access and coucilling during medical emergencies.

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Legal Services

Our legal services consist of bail panic, bail assisance, legal assistance, contract zone and smartwill, providing you with sound legal advice and legal support when you need it most.

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Online Tutoring Service

Secure your childrens future by providing them with educational support via our online tutoring service that is easily accessible with a tutor line and educational support services.

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Loyalty Rewards 

With our loyalty rewwards programme you can receive a variety of discount coupons for groceries at the major shopping outlets like Shoprite, PicnPay, Checkers, Dischem, etc.

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